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Improved Staking Widget

Nov 18th, 2019
It's already been one week since the new explorer went live! This release contains a few improvements to the staking widget as well as some other miscellaneous improvements based on your feedback. If you have any feedback ping us on Discord anytime, we would love to hear from you! ✨
Added your current LPT balance to the staking widget so you know how much you have available to stake without opening your wallet
Added your total stake to the staking widget so you know how much you have available to unstake
Added the ability to stake your entire balance or unstake your entire stake with a single click on the staking widget
Added a copy button next to profile account addresses so you no longer have to copy addresses from the url
Added helper tooltips to the orchestrators list view to help explain each field.
Reformatted length of total stake and rewards balance so users can see how much they're earned with greater precision.
Fixed an issue causing batched claim transactions to be submitted out of order (due to a Metamask bug)
Added redirects for old explorer urls some users had bookmarked leading to 404 pages
Fixed an issue causing the stake button to become unresponsive if you set your transfer allowance in the old explorer to an amount that was less than what you were attempting to stake on the new one. The staking widget will now prompt you to approve tokens for staking if the amount is greater than your set transfer allowance.

The First Release

Oct 21st, 2019
Welcome to our brand new changelog! We will be keeping track of all the changes here. Follow along.
Added support for keeping up with changes to our product